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2nd Women Global Conference

The Global FIVE Network and the LAREQUOI Research center - Paris Saclay University are co-organizing a conference on the topic of women in leadership. This conference will be an opportunity for participants to share their experience in leadership positions and for researchers to share the results of their research on topics such as women leaders, women entrepreneur, women in politics, women in executive committees, women and the glass ceiling, among others.

du 23 novembre 2021 au 24 novembre 2021

November 23-24, 2021

Theme of the event

Global FIVE Network works to develop and promote a new approach to female leadership and entrepreneurship, joining theory with practice, providing a platform for women to exchange and share all aspects of their journey thus aiming to address inclusion and equality to further achieve the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG5).
Global FIVE is present in the United States, Argentina, Indonesia, Egypt and France.

Because knowledge and experience are pivotal during times of uncertainty, the Global FIVE Network with LAREQUOI Research center (Paris Saclay University*) have partnered to bring you “Female Leaders in the Era of Recovery”. This virtual conference is the second WE global conference that brings together practitioners and scholars to provide insights that will help create the new footprint for entrepreneurs and innovative businesses eco-systems.

*Paris-Saclay University is 48,000 students, 9,000 researchers and lecturers, and 11,000 technical and administrative staff members. Paris-Saclay University is a driving force for the development of its local area and one of France’s leading institutions. On 2021, Paris-Saclay University was ranked 13th globally and 1st in continental Europe (Shanghai Ranking ARWU) confirming the University’s position as a world-class research-intensive institution.

Full video of the event