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Third International Summer School for Doctoral Students and Early Career Researchers & International Conference

The final event of the Jean Monnet Research Network EUROMEC, coordinated by Pr. Maria Stoicheva from Sofia Univ., took place on 10-15 July at Trinity College, Dublin. More than 60 people participated, alongside three PhD. students from LAREQUOI, Imane Bouterfas, Elena Zogovska & Louis-Caleb Remanda, under the supervision of Gilles Rouet, Jean Monnet ad personam chair and coordinator of one of the 3 research strands of the project. Louis-Caleb Remanda receive a prize for his presentation of his PhD. work.

The third Jean Monnet Summer School took place in Trinity College Dublin in July 2017, alongside the final International Conference of the EUROMEC Project.

This dual event provided an exciting opportunity for postgraduates and early career researchers from the arts, humanities and social sciences to engage actively in the study of identity in European urban contexts alongside a team of expert academic researchers. Using the findings of the EUROMEC research strand on the European multilingual city, the summer school featured invited keynote speakers, research roundtables from whom Prof. Gilles Rouet was a big part of, and workshops (10-13 July).

It also featured a "Thesis in three" context, a relaxed and dynamic format for participants to present their Master’s, PhD or Postdoc project through just using three slides, presented in just three minutes. This context selected at the end of 27 presentations, three of the best for their originality and the clarity of the research topic. Louis-Caleb Remanda, member of the LAREQUOI Research Center succeed at being part of the top 3, as runner-up in the best presentations. The summer school culminated with the final international conference of the EUROMEC project, (14-15 July).

The summer school and conference explored a number of issues of relevance on topics related to multilingualism, European identity, culture and citizenship.

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